About us

International company FITOFILTER INTERNATIONAL LTD has been astablished in 1973 in Israel . The basic kind of activity is pharmaceutical manufacture. Since 2000 the company has dealt with problems of clearing and access to consumption by the population, of the most various social level, qualitative potable water.
Today, numerous factories founded by company FITOFILTER INTERNATIONAL, successfully work in ecologically problem regions of East and Western Europe , Latin America , the Central and Southeast Asia .

In 2004, at support of company FITOFILTER INTERNATIONAL the company " Licaon Lux " S.R.L has been founded, with the purpose of manufacture and maintenance of a maximum quantity of people, needy and provided, healthy and suffering illnesses, access to consumption of treatment-and-prophylactic potable water.

From the date of the basis, the concept of the company " Licaon Lux " became manufacture of a line of filters of household purpose, on original technology on the basis of unique natural minerals. Advantage of filters proexhausted on the basis of unique natural minerals is obviously: such filters not only perfectly clear water of harmful impurity, but also do its biologically active, sating with the useful microcells containing in these minerals. At the moment, in manufacture of systems of water treating, the company applies unique natural minerals as the core mineralizing element. Preliminary, the minerals passes special processing on original technology.


The company has modern scientifically technological and industrial base for development, designing, manufacture, introduction of new technologies, in the field of water treating, on the basis of unique natural materials. Technologies of designing, development of complex molding forms and moulding of accessories for assembly of filtering systems, speaks about the serious technological, scientific and professionally technical potential of the company focused on release only of high-quality production, adequating to the highest standards in the world market of systems of clearing of potable water. In the company work the diplomaed chemists, microbiologists and mechanical engineers. Our qualified experts on a regular basis spend professional trainings with ordinary employees on increase of a level of knowledge in the given kind of activity and increase in qualitative potential of manufacture. We carry on constant dialogue with leading world manufacturers of filters of water treating on the basis of cooperation, an exchange of experience, introduction of high technologies.

The basic export line of made production are the filter - jugs, replaceable cartridges (modules, cartridges), and also unique patented mineralizes for the filter - jugs on the basis of 100 % of shungit, flint and bioceramic minerals (the Patent: MD MU No. 126). Made cartridges are compatible to the basic models the filter – jugs, already existing on the market. Development of methods of water treating, considers also wishes of customers. We are ready to pick up filtering structure and to make production in view of features of a chemical structure of water in your region.